Huplits Wildlife Grant Award

We are proud to announce the PAFF has been awarded a 2-year grant for the new Educational Outreach Program (EOP) from the Allegheny chapter of the Sierra Club.  We will be using the over $10,000 grant to help us develop and implement a program that will focus on 5 goals for the next 2 years:

  •         Develop curricular materials and educational displays about fireflies and their habitat
  •          Attract more scientists to the festival, increasing the quality of the educational programs
  •         Bring firefly habitat protection and awareness to local, state and federal agencies
  •          Enlist local residents in long-term monitoring of firefly populations      
  •          Create a summer internship, recruiting from nearby institutions of higher education

 We  want to encourage and invite concerned firefly enthusiasts to participate and get involved with this project.  If you are interested in any of the above goals,  please click here to contact us.

Resources for Educators